Custom Design Assistance

Sometimes, you just need to start fresh. Whether you’re relocating your business or just want to revive your current furnishings, ABS can offer our design assistance to the task. We can help create the atmosphere you’re aiming for. While considering your day-to-day operations, comfort, and visual appeal, we’re able to find the furniture brand and style that’s right for your business.

Our contacts throughout the furnishing industry know we search for quality products. When we make product recommendations, we choose high-grade options with your company’s needs in mind. As a result, you’re not only getting the best; you’re getting the best for your company. We customize our suggestions for your office space and environment to ensure your furnishings are both practical and suit the environment they’re in. Using their experience in the industry, our team is able to recognize which products are ideal for any business. We know that as a unique company, you’re searching for unique furniture solutions. With our design assistance, we choose an individualistic approach, just for you.

Instead of choosing an independent designer, select ABS for your next office redesign. We don’t stop at design assistance. We can also reconfigure your new or existing furniture so it accommodates your office space. Our priority is providing you with quality products that fulfill your long-term needs. After completing a field verification, our team will be better equipped to make recommendations. Discuss your office design goals with one of our experts on-site. We’ll help you envision possible changes to your furnishings so you can make an educated decision. Whether you’re searching for new furniture or want to make changes to your current inventory, ABS services can offer assistance throughout the entire process.

Choosing office furnishings for your business can be a fun, custom experience with ABS on your team. Consult one of our design assistance specialists to start today.