About Advanced Business Services

At ABS, we hold true to our mission: providing quality services to furniture providers and businesses will enable our customers to better function in the ever-changing furniture industry. With all the headaches you face on a normal day, do you really want to deal with the enormous hassle of a poorly installed furniture project? With ABS’ office furniture solutions, there’s no headache, no hassle; our process is timely, reliable, and assures a high standard of quality.



Advanced Business Services (ABS) was founded in 2005 by husband and wife team Chris and Angela Eberling. With over 26 years of furniture experience—ranging from manufacturing to sales—Chris acts as field manager for all ABS projects. Meanwhile, Angela runs the business and administrative side of the company. Together, they ensure that ABS provides top service office furniture solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Top Service Standards

As certified contractors, ABS is able to give you, our customers, exceptional-grade service. These credentials allow our certified contractors to work with the knowledge and training for specific brand design and quality standards. That way, you know our experts are qualified to answer any questions you may have.

How ABS Can Help

At ABS, we specialize in the quality of all contract furnishings. Whether you’re searching for raised flooring, modular cabinetry, fixed seating, sound dampening installation, or traditional furnishings, we’re available to help you with your next commercial furnishings project. For our full span of offerings, visit our Services page.

Keeping Customers in Mind

Our clients enjoy a continuous working relationship with ABS because they know we don’t compromise quality. Unfortunate oversights occur too often in the commercial furnishings industry. Fortunate for us—and our customers—our experience provides us with the how-to knowledge to conquer any challenge. We’ve been in the business long enough to know that if our customers don’t look good, then we don’t either!

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