Restore & Repair Existing Furniture

Many companies own existing furniture that suits their office decor and matches the furnishings around it. In a busy office, though, accidents happen. Superficial damage such as nicks and water rings can become more noticeable over time; enough that companies need to replace their furnishings. However, it may be challenging to find the same furniture set after a few years. Instead of removing furniture and replacing it with a set that stands out, repairing existing furniture is a better option. That way, companies can keep a cohesive atmosphere while looking their best.

ABS can help repair and restore existing furniture so it looks like it just came off the lot. We offer wood, upholstery, and laminate repair for all brands. Our team is familiar with identifying damaged areas and utilizing expert techniques when completing restorations. Whether worn by day-to-day use or larger damage due to an unprofessional move, ABS provides attentive care to revive furnishings to their previous state.

Sometimes surface restorations aren’t enough. Furnishings may have design flaws that make simple tasks—opening a drawer, using the keyboard tray—frustrating and inconvenient. Instead of replacing entire pieces of furniture, our solutions can improve your commercial furnishings with a few simple adjustments. We offer manufacturing repairs to remedy these issues so your furnishings function properly.

ABS also assists companies that are replacing their carpets or planning a move. We transfer heavy furniture out of the way—or store it, for long-term projects—so cleaning crews can get the job done without nuisance. Our moving services make any office relocation efficient and stress-free so companies can enjoy the excitement of their new office. With ABS there to assist, heavy furniture becomes a light concern on your to-do list.

For repairs, restorations, and additional services, speak to a member of the ABS team today for assistance with your business’ existing furniture.