Field Verification

Unsure how your existing or new furniture will fit in your commercial space? With our field verification services, Advanced Business Services can visit your business or office to help. There, we’ll assess the area and take measurements. That way, you have a plan moving forward. Then we’ll discuss your options and decide which services are suitable for your project. If you have any questions or ideas that require guidance, speaking with one of our qualified experts will set you on course.

After all, a well-devised plan lends attention to detail. Once we have the specifics of your floor plans and an inventory of your furnishings, we’ll be better equipped to make suggestions. We’ll customize the experience with your space, furniture, and equipment in mind. We want your business to look and feel the way you always hoped. Our experts will discuss your furnishing or moving plans at your side as they complete a walk-through of your space. That way, we can see your vision. Once we’ve completed the field verification process, all you have to do is watch that vision become a reality.

The information we gather allows us to develop a plan of action based on your office’s specifications. We keep your company’s needs in mind throughout the process, so you know the end result will ensure your business looks its best.

We also offer design assistance. Once we see your business space for ourselves, we can make suggestions that best apply to your company’s needs. Our experts know which products achieve the standards you’re searching for. By completing a walk-through of your space, we can make recommendations specific to your office and the goals you have in mind. We consider both aesthetics and functionality when choosing a product. That way, you know it meets your requirements. Learn more about our design assistance service here.