Ballistic Protection & Detection

Is your facility prepared for a worst-case scenario? Sadly, we’re seeing more and more cases of active shooter scenarios.  The good news is you can dramatically reduce the negative outcome of an active shooter situation by taking preventive measures to protect your facility and employees. Adding ballistic barriers to your facility can create a virtually bulletproof environment to keep your staff safe in a high volatility situation.

Amulet 1 Ballistic Barrier
Protect your employees and staff from bullets ranging from .22 caliber to a .44 Magnum handgun. This barrier can be concealed within or behind structures like signs, walls, desks, or chairs. It’s flame-resistant and semi-flexible. Lighter and thinner than fiberglass or steel, it is a very economical safety barrier option.

Amulet 2 Ballistic Barrier
Like the Amulet 1, this barrier can stand up to multi-hit .22 and .44 caliber bullets. The Amulet 2 is commonly used for walls and doors. Airports, corporate offices, education facilities, government offices, healthcare facilities, and courts all utilize and benefit from the protection offered with the Amulet 2.

Amulet 3 Ballistic Barrier
The Amulet 3 ballistic barrier can stop bullets ranging from .22 caliber to a 7.62mm rifle round. Like the Amulet 2, it is printable, buoyant, multi-hit resistance, and non-ricochet capacity. It is a more rigid and heavy-duty material, better suited for VIP areas, war rooms, and sensitive compartmented information facilities. Ten times stronger than steel by weight, and lighter and thinner than fiberglass it can easily be installed with standard tools.

Amulet Intercept
The average duration of an active shooter event lasts only 12 minutes. The average time passed before the first 911 call gets placed is 5 minutes. The average time before law enforcement arrives on the scene is 18 minutes. With Amulet Intercept as soon as the first shot is fired on-board sensors report time and location of the threat and take a waveform sample for caliber analysis. Law enforcement and building officials are notified immediately improving response times and outcomes.

Make Your Workspace Safe 
When you add any of the Amulet ballistic barriers and Amulet Intercept to a workspace, you are mitigating risk and enhancing your employees’ safety. If you need help determining what kind of ballistic barriers will be best for your facility, and want to know more about how ballistic detection can improve the outcome of an active shooter scenario call us today and we’ll walk you through all of your options.