ABS provides an array of furniture solutions Arizona and its surrounding areas can depend on. From furnishing new office space to modifying previous furnishings, our services offer numerous ways we can support your next project. Our services include furniture assembly, existing furniture reconfiguration, commercial relocation, warehousing, and storage, just to name a few!

Field Verifications & Design Assistance

To begin, have one of the ABS experts visit your business to complete a field verification. During a walk-through of your office space, we’ll discuss your plans and provide solutions best suited for your company. Measurements, floor plans, and other specifications make it easier for our experts to customize their methods for each client. As a result, ABS experts can reconfigure furnishings for customers that wish to modify existing furniture to fit a new office. With a layout of the space and measurements of the existing furniture, ABS will know exactly which changes to make.

Furthermore, ABS offers design assistance for customers who are looking to improve their office space with a new look. The information compiled from our walk-throughs allow ABS to make specific suggestions. We offer recommendations based on quality products and preferred vendors. Consequently, ABS customers know they’re receiving the best furnishings for their company.

Furniture Services

Once we’ve completed a field verification, we can get started on the specifics of your furnishing project. New commercial furnishings may require assembly and installation. ABS has experience with hospitality, office, school, residential, and medical furnishings. We can accept all furniture deliveries and assemble them at ABS before delivering and installing them at your business. If you’re relocating businesses, ABS can help with the move. We can disassemble, move, reassemble, and install furnishings at your new location. Consequently, employees can have their attention on more pressing matters.

Another area of concern may be your company’s existing furnishings. Busy traffic and activity can result in dings, scrapes, and minor water damage. With touch-ups or more vigorous repairs, your commercial furnishings—and therefore, your company—will experience a fresh look.

Project Management & Warehousing

Large-scale furnishing projects may require various shipments and numerous vendors. By choosing our warehousing services, companies can entrust us to handle the details. We specialize in receiving and inspecting shipments as they arrive to assess for loss or damages. If necessary, we complete freight claims, so the concern is limited on your end. As we receive shipments, we can begin assembling your furniture so it’s ready for installation on delivery day! For long-term projects, we offer warehousing services, so you can store your furnishings until you’re ready.

To learn more about furniture solutions Arizona can trust, explore our additional services.