Let ABS manage your Arizona warehousing & storage needs. We specialize in receiving, crating, and shipping your furniture so you don’t have to worry between moves. Our project management will also keep you informed throughout the process.

Warehousing & Storage

In the past, ABS has completed large-scale projects that require multiple pieces. Often enough, they also arrive from multiple vendors. A student auditorium may require 300 folding seats, or a call center may expect three dozen modules. Instead of having everything delivered to an operating business, companies can have furnishings delivered to ABS. There, the ABS experts can receive and inspect all shipments for loss or damage that may have occurred during delivery. If that’s the case, we’ll complete the freight claim process for you.

Once the furnishings arrive at ABS, we can start assembling the pieces. As a result, everything will be ready when installation day comes. To minimize disruption at your place of business, ABS can install your furnishings after hours. Everything will be inspected against quality standards before employees arrive the next morning. With our warehousing and storage options, companies can schedule installation based on their own convenience, without experiencing shipping and assembly delays.

Project Management

In addition to our warehousing and storage services, ABS also offers project management. Our services include verification, order tracking, construction coordination, and quality control. Large-scale projects that require communication with multiple vendors is no longer as complicated as it sounds. At ABS, we know how to keep organized and efficient, regardless of project scope. As a result, we’re able to provide customers with peace of mind that everything will run smoothly throughout the delivery, assembly, and installation process. We remain diligent throughout each project and will keep you apprised of any developments along the way.

For more information about ABS’ additional services, and how we can accommodate your company’s Arizona warehousing & storage needs, continue here.