Whether you’re relocating your offices or repairing existing furniture, a number of questions may arise before you’ve even started the process. Below are a few furniture installation questions, office moving questions, and miscellaneous items so that you can feel confident with your choice in ABS.

Furniture Repair/Installation/Design

  • What types of furniture can ABS repair? – All types! ABS has experience repairing, installing, and reconfiguring over 100 brands and types of furniture.
  • Can ABS repair our furniture on-site? – Yes, ABS can complete repairs and installations on-site. However, we suggest allowing lengthy repairs to occur at an off-site facility, so we don’t disturb your day-to-day operations.
  • What are the main types of damage to look out for? – Surface damage such as white spots, water marks, worn finishes, discoloration, scratches, dents…Don’t worry. If there’s any damage to your furniture at all, ABS can restore your furnishings so they look brand new.
  • How long will the repair take? – The length of a repair depends on the extent of the damage. Our on-site field verification can provide a more precise time frame.
  • Can ABS help with color changes and specialty finishes? – No problem! One of our experts will discuss your options to obtain the results you’re aiming for.
  • Can ABS install furniture after-hours? – Yes! ABS can arrive after your regular business hours to complete installations. That way, we don’t disrupt your work enviornment.
  • What if we notice issues after our furniture is installed? – ABS aims to produce high-quality products. With that in mind, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to improve any issues you experience after installation.
  • Can ABS offer furnishing consultation? – Our experts can offer design assistance to help companies find the furnishings that meet their tastes and functionality needs. During our on-site verification, we can get a better feel of your goals and answer any additional furniture installation questions you may have.


  • How much notice do we need to give for a move? – A month of notice prior to your commercial relocation is ideal.
  • How many people will be assigned to our move? – ABS assesses the scope of each project to assign the necessary number of personnel. Once an inventory of your furnishings is complete, we can provide an accurate count.
  • How can we make the moving process easier? – Just call ABS! Check out our Moving Checklist for more ways to stay organized and efficient.
  • How long can ABS store items for us? – ABS can provide storage for long-term projects to meet the duration of your warehousing needs.


  • How does ABS enforce quality service? – Whether you’re looking for an easy move, furniture installation, or repairs, ABS aims for a standard our customers can be proud of. We adhere to manufacturers’ design and quality standards for all contract furnishings. Beyond that, however, it’s our goal to live up to your company’s reputation. After all, we’re here to make you look good.

If you have any other furniture installation questions, please feel free to Contact Us.