High-Density Storage

Need to store more in less space? Most people are used to static storage shelves or shelves that stay in one place. The problem is your inventory keeps growing while your square footage remains the same.  What if your storage space could expand as your inventory expanded? High-density mobile shelving could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?
Overcrowded and unorganized spaces lead to decreased productivity, safety hazards, and a negative effect on your bottom line.  High-density mobile storage transforms your storage space by mounting shelving or cabinets onto a motorized carriage and rail system. The effect is the elimination of fixed aisles, which significantly increases your storage capacity.

Healthcare Storage
Improve your patients’ experience by staying organized. High-density storage can be used to better store patient records and medical supplies for your facility. Reduce the risk of mix-ups when you’re organized. When used strategically, your storage setup will improve patient care, control costs, and save space.

Museum Storage
When storing fragile historical pieces, storage design, and accessibility is critical. Pests, incorrect temperatures, natural disasters, security, and space limitations are all variables to consider for museum pieces, art, or any vulnerable storage item. High-density storage shelving is custom designed to meet your spacing requirement and storage condition needs. Perforated shelving improves ventilation, while earthquake bars prevent fragile objects from accidental falls.

Military Storage
Spend less time managing gear and more time training ad preparing. The amount of gear, equipment, and weapons that need to be managed in a military installation is staggering. It’s critical that every piece of gear is stored efficiently, securely, and is ready for rapid deployment. High-density storage can save you space, keep you organized, and streamline your processes.

Sports Equipment Storage
Helmets, shoes, shoulder pads, bats, and every other type of sports equipment you have needs proper storage. The more organized and well stored your equipment, the longer it lasts. When it’s time to distribute equipment to your players, having it systematically organized turns hours into minutes. Whether you’re a major university, high school, or private club high-density storage saves you space and time, keeps you organized, and preserves your expensive equipment.

Ready For High-Density Storage?
High-density storage is for any business or organization looking to maximize storage space and improve organization and efficiency. We work with auto dealers, legal teams, libraries, and anyone who needs safe and secure storage for their facility. High-density storage is custom-built and modular, meaning you can add to it and refine as you grow.