Stress-Free Commercial Furniture Installation

Make your next commercial furniture installation project a stress-free experience with ABS. From modest offices to large institutions, our team can manage any capacity.

Expert commercial furniture installation requires a familiarity with various brands. Fortunately, our experts have the experience to install a full range of products. We’ve previously completed installations at hospitals, schools, offices, and residences. Our past projects at these locations have required the installation of fixed auditorium seating, workstations, law enforcement equipment, hospital furnishings, and floor-to-ceiling products. The skills we’ve developed from these previous projects allow us to make the process more efficient for your company in the future.

For businesses who are in the process of moving, ABS can disassemble current furnishings before assisting with the move. Once we arrive at your new location, we can reassemble your existing furnishings and install them in your new offices. We can also assemble new furnishings, either on-site or at ABS. The qualified ABS team tests all products for functionality once the assembly is complete. As a result, you have the reassurance all products have been checked for quality.

We can also pre-assemble any furnishings delivered to us beforehand. Our warehousing services allow us to receive, assembly, and store your furnishings until you’re ready for installation. This option works best for companies on a schedule, waiting to relocate, or that have orders arriving from multiple vendors. Afterward, we can deliver and install them at your business location. Then, ABS will complete an inspection for any damage. As a result, you won’t have to worry about delays or improperly installed furnishings. Our strive for efficiency will save you time so your furniture is ready for use as soon as possible.

Whether your company needs workstations assembled or seminar seating removed for new furniture installation, ABS has you covered. Make your company’s next commercial furniture installation a stress-free success with ABS on the job.