Advanced Business Services, L.L.C. started as a husband and wife pair. Since then, we’ve grown to include a number of devoted office furniture experts, all pleased to serve ABS and its surrounding communities.


With the ABS mission to provide customers with quality service for improved function, our team knows “the best” is the standard. As a result, their talent and passion are evident in their work. Our customers expect and deserve that standard in every piece of furnishing, every large-scale project. With our team on the job, their passion is at the root of service we provide. As trained professionals, our office furniture experts produce contract furnishings they can be proud of. Therefore, you can be proud of the end result.


Our array of commercial furnishing services allows ABS to cover all and any of your business’ furniture needs. With every project—from relocating your company to modifying your existing furniture for improvements—our team concentrates on helping companies look their best. Our team takes that objective one step further with each project by recognizing areas of improvement and making suggestions. As a result, your company knows it’s working with a team of professionals who are eager to help.


As our team grew, our ability to apply our mission grew as well. With more professionals dedicated to excellence in the industry, we’re now able to extend that promise to more states, and therefore, more customers. Each one of our experts carries the commitment to produce quality service in every furnishing project we complete. Therefore, our customers call on ABS for their sizeable, complicated furnishing needs. They know the ABS experts won’t just complete the job; they’ll get the job done right.

That’s why our team is committed to excellence and efficiency with every service. The ABS office furniture experts are ready to make your next furniture project a success.