Some furnishing projects require shipments of large quantities that arrive from various vendors. Instead of searching for a place to store these deliveries, trust ABS with your New Mexico warehousing and storage needs. That way, we can prepare your furnishings for installation ahead of time. With our range of services, companies only need to rely on ABS to get the job done.

Warehousing and Storage

As shipments arrive, ABS accepts and inspects furnishing deliveries for damages that may have occurred en-route. Our mission to provide quality products to our clients applies to every step of the process, starting with deliveries. If there are any damages, we complete freight claims to remedy the issue. That way, we can move forward while finding solutions. As ABS accepts these deliveries, our assembly team prepares furnishings for installation at a later date. Until all the shipments have arrived, ABS stores the furnishings for you. As a result, they’re not unnecessarily occupying office space. Finally, we deliver your products, complete the installation, and run a final quality check. With ABS’ warehousing and storage, there’s no rush. We offer both short- and long-term staging to accommodate any project type.

Project Management

With lengthy projects, it’s easy for details to slip through the cracks. Our project management will provide updates to keep you informed throughout the process through verification, order tracking, construction coordination, and quality control. ABS communicates with trusted vendors to remain apprised of developments during each project. We enjoy working alongside our customers to make sure they receive the quality service they deserve. That way, if adjustments need to be made to the plan due to any unexpected delays, ABS can offer resolutions to reduce those delays.

In addition to our New Mexico warehousing and storage services, ABS also offers an array of services to assist with your furnishing projects.