There are a lot of moving parts involved with a large commercial furnishing project. Companies need to be available to accept deliveries, inspect those deliveries for any damages, and in some cases, relocate items. Instead of dealing with the intricate details, allow ABS to help. Our Colorado warehousing and storage center will receive, crate, and ship your furniture as needed. To keep you informed along the way, we offer project management services as well.

Colorado Warehousing and Storage

When furnishing projects require involvement with numerous vendors, organization is key. That’s why our warehousing and storage services benefit the process. As we accept deliveries from numerous vendors, we’re able to inspect products for any damages that may have occurred. If we notice any loss, we complete a freight claim. As a result, we’re able to remedy the issue as soon as possible. Once we receive your furnishings, we’re able to start the assembly process and prepare your products for installation on-site. When installation day arrives, we crate and ship your products. After installation, we complete a final quality check. Whether companies require long-term storage or short-term staging for their furnishing projects, ABS is prepared to offer their assistance.

Project Management

We offer verification, order tracking, construction coordination, and quality control services. As a result, customers, remain apprised throughout every step of the process. If any concerns arise, we can discuss solutions to minimize delays. We enjoy communicating with our customers and want them to receive the best possible service. That’s why our mission is to achieve a high-quality level with every product and project. With our project management services, companies can trust ABS to remain organized and diligent to ensure that level of quality is met.

In addition to providing Colorado warehousing and storage, ABS also offers a wide-span of furnishing services to support your next furnishing project.